Ways to Cool Your Room Down

Too much heat damages electronic gadgets; it loosens soldered components, fries sensitive ICs, and reduces its battery life and performance. Too much heat also hinders human performance; your brain gets tired faster and don’t get the quality sleep you need because you keep waking up. In many ways, too much heat is bad for both humans and appliances. If your room’s temperature is too hot for comfort, you have to find ways to cool it down.Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to do that. Here are a few of them:

misting fansSwitch to LED lighting – LEDs are now becoming more popular because they last a lot longer than fluorescent lights, they save electricity, and produce less heat. This makes a lot of difference in the temperature of your room, especially if you’re using halogen lighting. Consider switching to LED to reduce heat and lower your electric bill as a bonus.

Get an air conditioner – This is a no-brainer. Air conditioners put cold air into your room in the same way a refrigerator puts cold air into its compartments; it removes heat from the room and sends it out. That is why you can’t have air conditioners fully inside a room, as it would put the heat back into the room. It bumps up the electric bill considerably though. Make sure you have a dedicated socket for this as other sockets have certain limits as to how large the current can be. If you exceed the current limit your room becomes a fire hazard, and this is obviously no way to cool down.

Install an exhaust – Exhausts are a lot cheaper than air conditioners. It doesn’t cool down your room like an air conditioner does, but it does get the temperature down at an acceptable level and gets a new batch of air from the outside to your room. This helps remove toxic fumes present in your room (assuming those did not come from the outside). You do need a hole just like the air conditioner for it to work though.

Try misting fans for a change– The air conditioner and the exhaust are great options, but if you’re in a situation that does not allow you to make a hole for the air conditioner or exhaust, you may want to look at misting fans instead.

Misting fans stay a bit in the middle of an exhaust and an air conditioner in terms of effectiveness. Misting fans use evaporative air-cooling instead of vapor compression commonly used by air conditioners. This enables misting fans to use less electricity but consequently have a lesser cooling power than the air conditioner.

Avoid having your refrigerator in your room – The refrigerator emits heat in the back because it removes the heat inside itself to cool your food down. This is one of the reasons why opening your refrigerator door to attempt to cool down your room is a bad idea; it’ll emit more heat because it has to cool down your whole room. It can’t cool down your room because it’s emitting a lot of heat. It’s a useless cycle that just increases your electric bill.

Get some plants – Plants absorb heat through their leaves. That’s why it feels so much cooler when you’re relaxing under a tree than when you’re relaxing under a shed or an umbrella. Put a couple of plants in your room and it’ll help absorb heat while giving you fresh air and a great looking room.

There are a lot of other ways to cool your room down, but these are the more common factors that cool your room down effectively. Follow these tips and you’ll have a cooler room in no time.

Our misting fans are completely designed with your comfort in mind.

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How Live Chat Software Works

There is a quick and convenient way to communicate with your website visitors: live chat. This means of communication comes out as a window that your visitors can access while on your web page. Once they click your website, a window will pop out offering them to chat with your agent who is available to answer their questions.

live chat softwareThis is a common trend among businesses online. It is very helpful in the development and progress of many businesses. You may wonder how this software operates on your site. The live chat software is usually provided with a third party service provider that you can hire. The service provider will have to program and install the software into your site, complete with such elements such as the code snippet, chat agents, custom scripts, recording leads and website monitoring, and customization.

The code snippet

Once you have enhanced your site with a live chat software, the site you purchased it from, will provide a code snippet. This code snippet is inserted in your website’s program. This is to link the software with your site to finally make it appear on your pages. This is the first step in adding this feature to your site once you signed up for this type of software.

Chat Agents

These are the people who will talk with your website visitors. They are provided by the software provider as well. They answer your clients questions and do the sales talk you have instructed them. In a simpler explanation, they are the ones who chat with your clients.

Custom Scripts

These are pre-defined or created statements by the software provider. These will be used by the agents to chat with your clients. These serve as their responses to your visitors. These custom scripts may also be referred to as templates. These are generated from the business plans or goals you have entered.

Not only the software provider can create this custom scripts, the website owner can also do this. You can give instructions to the software provider on how to answer certain questions. You can provide answer templates so they could answer the clients’ questions.

The custom scripts do not only speak of the responses, but also of welcome messages. The software provider can provide welcoming message suggestion. The website owner can also generate his/her own. You can also make your own statements in ending a conversation.

Recording Leads and Website Monitoring

Your live chat software provider will record the conversation between the agents and the clients. Then, they will analyse the outcome of the conversations. Once they have done this, they will send the leads to you. These leads are mined from the calls with positive customer responses. With the leads provided, you will be able to take the sales process further and turn these prospects into buying customers.

The software provider will also monitor the activities on your website. They will monitor all the processes that their software runs on your site. They keep track of the conversations, the number of visitors who used the live chat software, their commonalities and whatever contact information they collect from the chat visitors.

The feedback collected from customers will allow you to make enhancements to your site or improvements in your products and services. This will also help you plan strategies to attract more customers and turn your existing customers into loyal customers.


Once you have signed up for and installed the chat software, you can create the look you desire for your chat window. You can choose the color, the appearance, welcome note and responses to frequently asked questions. It’s best to put your logo and your own original images to keep your brand. This will help you build your integrity and credibility to the clients.

With this customization feature, you can provide your clients a more personalized chat experience. You can provide the design that your target market is comfortable with. When they are happy with their experience on your site, they are more likely to do more business with you.

Author Bio:

Unlike most chat companies, that either provide just live chat software or just service via the use of another company’s software, we do both. We have our own software platform and employ our own agents. This enables us to innovate and respond to our customer’s needs much faster. This also results in greater cost savings for our customers and partners.
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Golf Equipment 101 – Tees and Covers

Golf equipment is not just about golf clubs and golf balls. There are so much more items that a player can use to improve his game. There are even some items that can help maintain other pieces of equipment. Other people may think of them as worthless, but, once they have used those, they found out that even the little things can make a difference in golf. Every item made for golf is there for a reason. Golf is one of those sports that require a lot of equipment. It may seem intimidating, but it is all part of the fun of golf.

One piece of golf equipment that a player, especially a beginner, may forget about is the tee. Fans may not always see this is in a game, but it is definitely an item that is more important than what a lot of people may think. Golf tees can either be made out of wood or plastic. The wooden ones are less expensive and they are disposable. They are easily damaged and even break during a game. If a player intends to use a wooden tee, he should have a lot of it. There are also tees that are made of plastic. This kind is more expensive than the wooden one, but it is also more durable.

Golf tees are basically a spike with a small cup-like platform to place the ball on. The purpose of the tee is to stabilize the ball in its place. Its spike is meant to penetrate the soil. It will give a player a much easier time hitting the ball.

The length of theGolf equipment tea may vary depending on what club the player will use. The length ranges from one and a half inches all the way to three and a half inches. The longer ones are the ones that break most frequently because they place the ball in a high position. It is the ideal tee to use for clubs that have lot of weight and power behind them. The shorter one does not break as easily because most of it is buried underground. This is a great tee to use if players do not have to raise the ball as much. This makes it perfect for shots that require a lot of accuracy and precision.

The golf tee is definitely one of the unsung heroes of the sport. Other golf accessories might not be as important as the tee, but they still have their purpose. Another piece of golf equipment that not everybody is aware of is the golf club cover.

As players know, golf clubs are very important in the sport. Those could also be quite expensive. Golfers have to do everything they can to protect their clubs, and make sure that those are well maintained. This is exactly what golf club covers are used for. These covers are similar to a sleeve that goes over the head of a golf club. Clubs end up hitting each other while in the bag, which in turn leads to damage. Golf club covers are a great way to make sure that clubs are safe while they are in the golf bag.

These covers have become more decorated over the years. They have become a way for players to put their own personal touch on their golf clubs. They can also make it a lot easier for players to identify their own clubs. There is no regulation as to what cover a player can use. It is all up to the player.

The golf tee and the club cover are two pieces of golf equipment that can really help a player. These may be small items, but they should not be overlooked.

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How Much Should Clients Pay for an SEO Firm?

Almost every kind of business today depends heavily on the services of an SEO firm. In this web-driven era, having a robust online marketing campaign is the only way for a business to get ahead of the competition. However, every business relying on the Search Engine Optimization process would have to ask this question at some point: “How much should we spend for SEO?” The cost for an SEO campaign can be determined by a few simple factors.

Modes of Payment:

Any SEO firm can SEO Firmadopt four main forms of payment for their clients. The first type is a monthly retainer model in which a client pays a set fee on a monthly basis in exchange for an agreed set of services. These services will include typical SEO fare like analytics reports, content improvements on the site, press releases, Link building and keyword research. This is quite a common method of payment as it provides the highest return of investment for the business.

The second payment model comes in the form of contracts. This is offered to clients who are not ready for paying on a monthly basis for the services of an SEO firm and would not want to spend more till they see results. Since this payment model is not fixed, a client can pick from several sets of services that have fixed prices each. Depending on the deadline for each service, a client will have control over when they have to pay for the service aside from the total price.

Project-based pricing is quite similar to contracts though the service it offers is custom-made to suit the needs of the clients. Since the project is designed specifically for the client, it would be certain that prices would vary for each project. Both the client and the firm will have to sit down to determine what needs to be done and its scope. This way, a client knows how much an entire project would cost them and adjust accordingly. The last payment mode is on an hourly rate and can be limited to consultations and analytics reports.

Costs for SEO:

So, how much can the services of an SEO firm set a client back? This will greatly depend on their method of payment and the services that were agreed upon. On a monthly basis, a client can pay anywhere from at least $500 for SEO services up to $5,000 and more. Their final monthly fee will be determined by a few factors like business size and the services they hired. Bigger businesses with greater online marketing needs can have higher monthly fees than small and medium-sized businesses.

Also, the fee will be determined by the size of the SEO Company and the services they can offer. Since the services available on a smaller SEO company will be limited, it is certain that monthly retainer fees are all the more manageable.

Contract-based pricing, on the other hand, is more variable as clients here are merely testing what SEO can do for them and thus, serves as their entry point to online marketing. Depending on what needs to be done, a client can pay up to $5,000 or even down to $10.

For project-based services, the fees could range depending on the size and scope for an entire project. If the client’s needs are somewhat unique and the marketing campaign time is quite extensive, it is expected that they can pay up to $30,000 for a single project. If otherwise, a single project could cost a client from a few hundred dollars to a thousand.

Hourly rates are fixed in nature like monthly retainer fees. Depending on the size of the SEO firm, a client will have to pay from $100 to $300 per hour. Since the services and interaction is somewhat limited, it will be up to the client to make full use of their consultations with the firm.

Choose a SEO Firm that will provide you with the best rates and guaranteed rankings.

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The Wonders of Search Engines and Search Engine Optimization

Most people nowadays rely on search engines like Google in order to get to the websites that they want. They type something into the query field, hit enter, then boom goes the dynamite they get several pages worth of links to websites that the search engine deems relevant.

This may seem seoall too simple and mundane for some people. However, for those in the know, this is actually pretty amazing considering all the thought and effort brought into making something like this work. The computer engineering involved in making this search engines work is nothing short of amazing.

Stop and think about how something can take a bunch of words and cross reference it with the entire World Wide Web to come up with a list of websites and web pages relevant to that search. Now, think about how fast that list pops up. Isn’t that amazing?

Search engines work by cross referencing the keywords people use with words that can be found on a website. In order for websites to become visible, certain elements need to be present so they can be detected by a search engine. Link, keywords, tags and so on are just some of the elements that search engines take into account to make things work.

Certain people know this and capitalize on this to increase the visibility of their website. This process is known as search engine optimization (SEO).

Why people even care about SEO

The simple reason why people care about SEO is because of the difficulty in being noticed. Any website on the internet can be viewed by practically anyone with an internet connection. Notwithstanding, getting noticed or receiving the kind of attention that would lead to success is still an uphill battle, a monumental struggle for almost any website. Most, if not all, websites want to have a high ranking on search engine return pages (SERPs).

A website can have the best content regarding the subject topic of their site and still not draw in a lot of visitors. It is not so much the content as it is the visibility. Think about how this really great shoemaker makes some of the finest or even best shoes on the planet, but is unable to sell anything for the simple reason that no one knows about him.

It is not an exact science

There are so many things involved in SEO that it can be quite the intimidating subject for people who are not well acquainted with information technology. SEO firms take into account so many different variables to ensure that an SEO campaign will not flop.

However, people still need to know that SEO does not ensure success. It merely increases the chance of success. Any SEO firm that advertises itself as capable of ensuring a top page ranking is either lying or giving a misleading truth. There is no magical bullet that can raise the ranking of a website so quickly and efficiently.

The reason why it is so difficult to rise to the top of SERP is that the search parameters are controlled by the companies that own and program the search engines. For example, only Google has any real idea how their search engine works.  The search process itself is a secret, but the criteria that companies like Google or Bing use are far from being an enigma.

For the aforementioned reasons, SEO is definitely not an exact science. What SEO does for a website is, in essence, to tailor the website to match certain criteria used by search engine owners to rank websites.

A growing industry

If a person or organization wants to venture into the internet then there is no doubt that SEO should be a part of their marketing strategy. No website will survive, let alone thrive, if they do not get the attention that they need to keep on running. More and more websites are depending on SEO firms to get their sites at the top of the rankings.

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