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The Origin of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins or military coins present an important insignia to people working in the military. These medallions are used by various organizations and units to represent a stigma or identity. Challenge coins carry the emblem of an organization and they also connote ranks or recognition given by a unit commander to the members. They are usually custom coins which come in different designs and sizes. Like the usual coins, military coins have two faces and they can be customized in different shapes. But unlike the typical coins, they don’t equate to a currency or an amount.

There are several versions of the origin of challenge coins. Some people believe these medallions date back to the First World War while others think they made their first appearance in the Second World War. Here’s a short rundown of the different histories of the challenge coins.

World War I

Challenge CoinsThe most popular story of the challenge coin goes back during the First World War. The newly assembled flying squadrons were filled with American military volunteers to join the war. Some of the participants came from renowned colleges such as Yale and Harvard, and they quit school to serve their country. One privileged officer ordered medallions in solid bronze and gave them to the members of his unit. A certain pilot from that squadron put the medallion in a small purse that he always carried around his neck. As they went on to battle, the squadron was shot down in Germany and the pilot was captured. The German patrol took all of the pilot’s credentials, leaving him without any valid proof of identification. The only thing that was left to the pilot was the leather pouch that held the medallion.

The German patrol took him to a French town where he planned his escape. He wore simple, civilian attire and successfully eluded the soldiers. He reached the French borderline and was eventually caught when the French taught he was a rebel spy. The pilot was sentenced for execution. In an attempt to prove his identity, the pilot flashed the medallion to his executors. One soldier identified the insignia which made French soldiers delay his execution. After confirming his identity, the pilot was sent back to his unit.

That’s how the tradition of medallions among members of a military unit started. All members of a unit were handed out medallions or military coins which they needed to have at all times.

The soldiers started playing games involving the medallions. One soldier would challenge another soldier to show his medallion. If the challenged soldier failed to show the challenger his medallion, then he was required to buy the challenger a drink. And same goes for the challenger. If a challenged soldier or the members of a unit could show him their medallions, he was entitled to buy them drinks of their choice. This tradition went on for many years among members of the military.

World War II

Another story about the challenge coins occurred during World War II. It was believed that medallions were used as “Bona Fides” to confirm a person’s identity during meetings and assemblies. The Office of Strategic Service used medallions to identify bona fide members of a unit from potential spy who want to infiltrate the assembly. They would ask members of the meeting the details of the medallions including the shape and the date on the coin.

Today, the use of military coins is common in almost every unit of service as well as non-military organizations. These challenge coins are now considered merits given to members to recognize morale and ranks. There are also some people who collect challenge coins just for the fun of it. Whether it’s an antique or a newly customized one, military coin definitely holds an important meaning to its bearer.

Where to Buy Discount Golf Clubs Online

Golf is a sport that requires several pieces of usually high priced equipment to play. This fact could discourage some people who are merely intrigued by the sport in making their first investment to buy golf clubs. In other words, some new players prefer not to spend a fortune on these pieces of equipment if they are merely starting. Popular golf shops may only have the most up-to-date golf equipment and thus may only have the more pricey golf clubs from the more expensive brands available. It is best for beginners to look for discount golf clubs which are definitely more available in online shops. The starting golf enthusiast will surely find what he is looking for when he takes the time to check out these online discount stores.

A new golfer who intends to shop for golf clubs for less will find a list to start with in this article. It is still recommended, however, to make sure that the golf club purchase is not done based on price alone. There are other factors to consider. Know the specifications of the golf clubs that you are looking for and then see if they are available in best discount golf clubs online stores:

Rockbottomgolf1. Golf has been serving golfers since 1977 and they have been one of the first sites to sell golf clubs on discount to online shoppers. Due to the fact they have been online for quite some time, they have a proven track record in online selling and thus have become very trusted seller. Also, they supply customers with the most popular brands in the golf industry. Furthermore, they are an authorized internet retailer of equipment from most, if not all the high-end brands in golf such as: Callaway, Taylor Made, Titleist, and Cleveland. Also, they sell everything from golf clubs, apparel, to whatever it is a golfer needs. In addition to this, they make sure to not bog customers down with high shipping costs like their other counterparts.

2. Similarly, golf also sells a wide variety of discount golf clubs from name-brand manufacturers. However they also go a step further by selling a variety of gadgets that can be used on the golf course such as GPS watches and units from Garmin. The online retailer claims to be the one-stop shop for anything a golfer needs, especially affordably priced golf clubs.

3. One of the more popular sites for discount golf clubs is Similarly to the online retailers mentioned previously, this online store sells the equipment from the top brands in golf. Also similarly, they also sell a wide variety of different items for use on and off the golf course such as bags, shoes, apparel, and electronics. Perhaps one stand out feature of this retailer is the fact that they have a section in their website specifically dedicated to left-handed golfers. Furthermore, they not only have a very wide array of choices for golf clubs for less, but also a wide variety of promos for its online shoppers which feature huge savings on golf equipment, gift cards, and free shipping.

4. The last online retailer in this article is They have been an online golf discount store since 1999. Again similarly, they offer products from the name-brand manufacturers of the sport of golf. As such they do offer a very wide variety of golf clubs for less. Also not only sells miscellaneous, golf-related equipment but also various items such as instructional DVDs, and even travels bags.

The list above shows the six of the widest known online golfing stores where one can find many golf clubs at lower prices. In addition to this, there is also a wide variety of other peripherals such as shoes, clothing, bags, and other golf necessities. These websites should be very useful for beginning golfers and as such will be very helpful in assisting them in finding affordable, yet high-quality discount golf clubs and equipment for their first crucial moments on the course.

Reasons behind the Popularity of Custom Lanyards

One of the most familiar items that we see being worn by people these days are custom lanyards. Students, employees, participants of organized events, and many other types of people find these items worth wearing. It seems that the presence of lanyards has been threatening the existence of ID clips for quite some time already. One out of three people will always pick lanyards over traditional ID clips according to the results of a marketing survey held just recently.

Yes, these items could be customized according to the purpose of the user. Of course, custom lanyards have been seen as valuable in many industries too these days. Now, what really makes these items so popular nowadays? Consider, looking through the following reasons:

• Lanyards are convenient to use:

wholesalelanyardsOf course, this is if it will be compared to an ordinary ID clips. ID clips made of metal could rust and result in stains to clothes. Those that are made from plastic material could easily get worn out due to constant or frequent use. Custom made lanyards will never present these problems. Recent designs of lanyards made these items more lightweight and durable. These could fit into belt bags during outdoor activities and never weigh down an individual.

• Lanyards could be easily customized:

The availability of materials and makers of custom lanyards make customization easier. If one will browse online for these items, diverse designs, colors, and modifications can be seen. Synthetic nylon and polyester could be ordered online and DYI kits make things go the way of those who want to own custom made lanyards.

• Lanyards offer space for advertising or marketing:

The plain spaces on the surface of lanyards today could be used for the imprinting of business, company, or brand logos. Of course, it also means that those who want to do more about expressing their creativity can get what they want. Many business entities use lanyards today as their promotional items. Of course, this is a wise business move as people will tend to use these items instead of just keeping it. As long as there are individuals who will wear these company or brand lanyards, the advertising or marketing process is rolling.

• Lanyards are becoming popular as gift items:

Ordering custom lanyards online is easy nowadays. As stated above, so much can be done when it comes to design and modifications. A custom made item is much appreciated by kids and teens. The concept of “couple lanyards” during Valentine’s Day is quite catching up nowadays too. There are companies who also use rare custom made lanyards as one of their incentives for highly performing employees. Of course, the inexpensive tag price of customizing such items is also one of the main reasons why people see it as a good gift item today.

• Lanyard types offer flexibility of use:

These include polyester, nylon, dye sublimated, tubular, blank, and woven lanyards that are currently available. Yes, each of these types offer unique compatibility to purposes users might have. As an example, the tubular type of lanyard is the best one for those who are planning to use it as an advertising or promotional item. It is the least expensive among the ones mentioned above. It could also be mass produced much faster and is compatible with sublimation and hot stamping processes.

• Lanyard uses are being innovated:

Due to the fact that a lot of modifications can be incorporated into custom lanyards, ways of using it are obviously increasing too. Some people use it as a part of their wardrobe today. There are also many individuals who are using these items as holders of their gadget pouches. There is no doubt that as long as the users are being creative, more ways of using lanyards could be innovated.

Successful Talent Management

Talent management is the process of planning, hiring, training, evaluating, and retaining the talented employees to be an integral part of the organization. With the talent scarcity and rarity, this process can be both difficult and complex. It is basically, as they say, choosing the best person for the job. There may be job specifics and particular functions, but this aspect of human resource management should also encompass the attitude of the employee toward the workplace, and how easily he can adjust to the business goals and objectives of the company.

Talent managementThis is one of the major functions of the human resources arm of an organization. This department aims to acquire the people with the best talents that may be useful to the improvement of the organization. More than the recruitment and acquiring process, this HR function should also cover how to retain and develop these employees inside the company. High performing employees, including the leaders and executives, are essentially the most important part of an organization because they are like the drivers that steers the wheel of the company. Filtering who comes and goes inside the company is undoubtedly an essential part in the company’s growth and development.

To acquire high levels of success, the management process should be aligned with the corporate strategy of the business. Leadership criteria should also be consistently incorporated into the talent management activities in order to hone the staff members holistically. The important part of the process is identifying the core competencies required by the corporate strategy. These competencies may include work experience, education, analytical capabilities, among others. The more specific a competency is, the better. Staff members can be prematurely filtered out using these competencies which actually saves training cost. Identified competencies is also a tool in the development process for continuing growth. Furthermore, the recruitment process can be improves by using job specific roles and functions that can be the basis for hiring the employee.

The expertise of managing talents covers how to handle competitors in the field. Human resources personnel should be prepared to compete in the global scale and know when to enter into new opportunities. The mind set in talent management should be how to make the staff members excel and, consequently, be retained for long term needs. Identifying the essential skills is a crucial part of the process. These skills should also make up the development plan of the employees. Key development areas should be identified and focused on. These areas are mostly the required skills aligned with the company, and focusing on them may entail reduced cost for training the employees.

The HR personnel should be well acquainted with the corporate strategy and overall business needs. Aligning the process with these needs constitute a successful program. As mentioned, it is important to note the specifics of the job functions to minimize cost, and aligning with the corporate can reduce the focus of training management. This goal alignment tool is a powerful tool to clarify job roles, and consequently to be a basis in their evaluation. Identify the company’s most important goals and focus the employees’ efforts towards that field. This not only develops the employee, but also more effectively absorbs him into the company. With the identification of the job roles, the responsibilities can be defined as well. These work responsibilities can be the core around which the talent management process revolves. With this, the execution of the strategies can be faster with little waste of time and effort for both the company and employees. Goal alignment also strengthens leadership and promotes company flexibility among the employees.

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Simple Things To Avoid When Building Links With SEO At The Head of Your Marketing Efforts

It’s easy to get caught up in all the different parameters of marketing that you have to work with in order to get attention online. Some people focus on SEO and end up moving forward through a lot of different areas only to get caught up in singular solutions that don’t exactly build on the right leverage or points of contention. If you want to end up with something that will return on the investment of marketing as a whole, you’re going to need to build through several stages of marketing. In fact, today, more than ever you will need to work on marketing from the start of your site forward.

Setting up a page in the old days of the internet was easy in that you didn’t have to do much to end up with a positive push forward in terms of marketing success. You could end up dealing with a variety of things that would end up pushing you forward within the world of marketing without much effort, and even for a few dollars, you could end up submitting your page to a lot of different search engines and link benefactors. That doesn’t pay off today, even though you could spend a limited amount of money to end up with a positive outcome. The problem associated with this solution however is that you are going to have to focus on the past in order to move forward with the present.

Today one of the biggest things that you’re going to have to work with is SEO and that lends itself to a lot of defining points. Amidst those include link generation, and while some pundits will tell you that this notion is dead, it’s definitely alive and well. You’ll find that the best thing to do with link generation, however, is to focus on building several aspects that are going to give you leverage moving forward, as it will pay dividends in the long term.

Links and References (The Same)

SEOWhen you’re applying for a loan, you’ll most likely be asked to list a variety of references. References can help you build on a lot of different things, and perhaps even give you a successful recommendation moving forward. The same can be likened to links online. You will find that these act in the same fashion to the search engines, and in some ways it’s like casting a ballot in voting. The reason why this is an important thing is because trust is a matter that many sites are struggling with. Struggling with the issues that are associated with links is tough, but you need to focus on it anyway. The reason why you need references in the real world is to give the bank or whomever is searching, a picture of trust.

If you want the end users online to trust you, you’re going to have to have these in place, because that’s how your worth is measured online. If you have a lot of links, you have a good reference in place that could in fact help you end up on the right side of marketing collateral. It just helps, and it solidifies your place online moving forward.

The Link Buying Farms

Right now you could search online for any number of keywords associated with links and you’re going to get pointed to places that will sell you some links. These are going to be complex and simple all in the same. The lower cost options will have you getting a lot of links for a little amount. However, as you purchase these options, you’re going to end up dealing with a variety of issues overall. The biggest of the issues is going to be in regards to the fact that you are going to end up dealing with a variety of bad websites. Imagine getting a ton of links from locales that aren’t going to suffice in giving you any sort of leverage. In fact, you could end up buying links from visit site that is going to cause you to lose focus, and spiral out of control in search engines.

When you try to buy bulk links, you are sending a message to search engines that you’re not trying. If you’re not trying to boost your element of design, you are going to end up losing market share, and search engines will penalize you. Penalties will cause your page to diminish in value and perhaps end up causing your search results to plummet and traffic to die down to an all new low.

The biggest issues that you need to understand as a whole is something that you shouldn’t take for granted, as it is easy to forget. Links can cause issues, and they can end up causing your page to drop out of the indexing of search results. It’s for that reason that you should seek out a better solution moving forward, and focus on building natural links through earning, and SEO as a whole. It can deliver a good deal of a push of traffic, but only if you end up working on it with the right vantage point in place. Take your time and it will happen.